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Publishing Assistance

We're fast, we're cheap... and we're good!

We know how frustrating self-publishing can be. As a self-published author you need to be not only a good writer but also a proofreader, editor, typesetter, graphic designer, IT expert, and publicist.

Let us take the strain by helping you out with any or all of:
  • Manuscript Preparation and Formatting in Microsoft Word.
  • Proofreading and Copy Editing.
  • Cover Design.
  • Publishing on
  • Publishing on CreateSpace.
  • Publishing as a KindleTM e-book.
  • Marketing and Book Reviews.
  • Creating a Web Site, Blog, or PayPal button.
PRICE GUIDE: we will typically offer a package of services similar to the Lulu publishing packages or the CreateSpace publishing solutions, but at half price. These services are performed remotely by us on behalf of first-time self publishers based in the USA, UK, Europe or anywhere else in the world.

First-time self publishers based in the UK could benefit from a one-to-one face-to-face coaching session with our publishing consultant Tony Loton, who will work with you on your manuscript and cover idea and will guide you through the CreateSpace and / or Lulu publishing process.

We helped publish Diary of a Teddy Boy, Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe, Scratch Golf, How Computers Work, the Cornsilk Series and many other books.

"LOTONtech is a very professional company and a pleasure to work with.  You are very quick at every task and do it right the first time and provide all the services needed to publish professionally.  You also do it all at a reasonable price." - Roger Young, author of How Computers Work.

"Simply put, I felt I did not self publish, I felt LOTONtech was my designer, artistic editor and advisor all in one--anyone sitting at their computer frustrated with the complexities of self-publishing whether with Create Space or Lulu would be wise to contact Tony--and when they do they will feel empowered." -- Robert Pacilio, author of Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe.

"Thanks should also go to Tony Loton – author and self-publishing expert – for his highly professional help in bringing this book to publication. His flexible, efficient and rapid responses as a publishing consultant are unique in my experience." -- Peter Bild, translator and editor of Financial Contagion.

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If you need a quick answer to a specific self-publishing problem, and you don't want to commit to a full publishing assistance package, click the PANIC BUTTON!