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E-Book Publishing DIY (book)

Tony Loton's completely revised and updated third edition of... E-Book Publishing DIY ..on how to publish an e-book in Three Easy Steps!

Having experimented with various e-book formats and publishing routes, I now realise that writing and publishing an e-book doesn’t have to be half as complicated as it is often portrayed to be. I hope to convince you likewise with my simple three step formula. Publish your e-book in PDF, Kindle and ePub formats on Amazon, Google Books, your own web site... and more.

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"E-Book Publishing DIY by Tony Loton of LOTONtech is a wonderfully clear how-to book for the writers who need help with setting up the design of the interior and exterior of their work. Besides that, the LOTONtech company makes it easy to contact them and work out the details. Tony Loton has personally designed two of my novels, and his work has been meticulous and professional. I recommend LOTONtech to all the writers and would-be writers I come across on my travels." -- Bob Pacilio, author of Meetings at the Metaphor Cafe and the 2012 sequel Midnight Comes to the Metaphor Cafe