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What does a successful book look like?

Many self-publishers are disappointed to discover that all their hard work has come to nothing when they manage to sell only a handful of copies of their book. I know how it feels, because I've been there.

Now imagine how nice it is to see that your book is notching up sales of more than ten copies per day, with a royalty of (let's say) £2.50 received for each one. Well, that's what's happening with our latest publication: The Chrome Book (Third Edition). And it's about as good as it gets, so self-publishers should think in terms of a handy £10,000-per-year second income -- or a very nice £100,000-per-year "main" income if you can repeat it ten times -- rather than thinking in terms of becoming a millionaire overnight.

So, what does a good selling book look like on First: it will have a sales rank in the low tens of thousands or even lower: so if your book is ranked #1,239,472 it just isn't selling. Second: it will be one of the top sellers, if not the top seller, in one or more of the Amazon categories. In a nutshell it will look like this:

We can't make your book No. 1, or even a guaranteed good seller, but we can help you make it shipshape for publication via our publishing assistance services. The rest is up to you!