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I Just Want To Be Happy!

Well, don't we all? But more seriously, it's the title of the latest book that we helped publish by undertaking the editing, formatting, cover design, and set-up for print-on-demand and Kindle.

I Just Want To Be Happy: The Insiders' Guide to Positive Transformation

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In this motivating book, Susan D Smith and Adrian Blake show you how to:
• Understand your psychological programming
• Identify your behavioural patterns, to avoid repeating the same old mistakes
• Make positive changes using time tested, proven techniques
• Take responsibility for your own happiness

Full of exercises and practical information, this book will help you take a huge step forward in your personal journey towards HAPPINESS and self -discovery. By using the tools and techniques for change, you can free yourself from the past, develop an inner sense of calm and control, and increase your self-confidence.

"Brilliant! ... A cliché, but we'd never have made it without you." - Adrian Blake, co-author